Poor old Gilbert is getting restless. Despite the fact that there is more interest in wildlife than ever before, it seems that most of the so-called conservation organisations are losing interest in species. Instead they prefer to babble on about landscape scale conservation and ecosystem services (whatever they are). Could this be because most of their staff don't have any knowledge about species if they don't have four legs?
This is my attempt to encourage an interest in good old-fashioned natural history.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Slaughter of the innocents

It all started so well. Over the last few days I've checked all the current Wood Warbler nests. Three times loser and Log ditch have both fledged successfully (albeit just two chicks in the latter). Fir twig tent, Hawfinch wood and Bridge nests were all ok and the latter two should be fledging imminently. Then it started, Wagtail nest had been predated:

Next on to Crossroads nest where the male was singing - never a good sign.

Ford nest was ok but only had four young now. A quick skim through the camera images didn't reveal anything but I'll look through them more closely in due course. Skydiver now has 5 young 3-4 days old and one infertile egg. Larch brash has just one nestling left, I don't have a camera on this one as I'd run out of cameras and this one was very close to a path anyway so I don't know what has happened but I don't expect there to be anything left tomorrow.

Finally I went to check on Sneaky, which should have fledged by now. Afraid not.

This was at least interesting in that the squirrel had left the wings and legs and this may be useful if I don't have access to nest cameras in future. You may be able to see some of the remains below.

To finish on a more positive note. I saw these two just-fledged Garden Warblers

They clearly couldn't fly yet so they got their bracelets.

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  1. Not sure what you were calling 'our' 3 nests - did they fledge successfully ? Shame about the increasing losses, but not altogether surprising I suppose..