Poor old Gilbert is getting restless. Despite the fact that there is more interest in wildlife than ever before, it seems that most of the so-called conservation organisations are losing interest in species. Instead they prefer to babble on about landscape scale conservation and ecosystem services (whatever they are). Could this be because most of their staff don't have any knowledge about species if they don't have four legs?
This is my attempt to encourage an interest in good old-fashioned natural history.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wot? No comments?

Come on you spineless lot! No-one willing to stick their neck out and put a name to the mystery image from yesterday? Anyone think it's a Polar Bear? No? Ok, well that's a start, let's see if we can get a bit further. I'm not expecting a definitive answer, just a straw poll of opinions.

I'll leave todays predation image until tomorrow. From the first picture I thought it was an Emu......


  1. I'm the World's worst person to ask about this - half the time I struggle to make out the species even when you've said what it is !!
    Maybe Packham's got his way and it's a Lynx ?